Mëcronesia:Rebot Giant
Directed by David Koepp
Starring Fred Apke,Jeff Goldblum,Ralph Fiennes
Country USA
Language English
Preceded by Mëcronesia
Followed by Godzilla vs Mëcronesia

Mëcronesia: Rebot Giant Film Science fiction 2024 USA Film Sequel Mëcronesia

Description Edit

After the destruction of the Ifrat Goliad monument, it was added to the Kaiju. Fernad took the robot home, reviving Mëcronesia for a fantasy. He stood against Protokox, Worpurm, Gamera and Nurconesia

there Edit

Fred Apke as Fernad Grey

Ralph Fiennes as Rey Nanna

Harrison Ford as Mark Demill Ferien

Ben Chaplin as Raph Sellda

Dakota Johnson as Maney Toronto